About Us

Bertil Andersson, born in 1942. Born and raised in Björkenäs in the middle of what once was the old Sweden, with fishing and agriculture. During life there has been some movement but the fixed point has always been Björkenäs. Worked as postman for 35 years, Blekinge Museum for nine years and as a teacher at boatbuilding school at Litorina Folk High School for five years. Now retired. But it was the leisure time that was most significant in all years. Bertil began early to build model boats, something that required more research into the boats that were interesting and were about to disappear, our wooden boats. There have been many visits to boat builders and visits to fishing villages where he was looking for boats that really should be preserved. Some of these were measured and turned into drawings, mostly in scale 1:10. Bertil began building boats around 1980.

Roger Andersson, Bertil's son, was born in 1973 and raised in Jämjö, a few miles from Björkenäs. A large part of the childhood was spent in Björkenäs. He has been forced by the numerous visits to museums, to fishing villages, into the wild among ship wrecks to watch the boats, take pictures of boats and measuring boats. He sat as a child in Bertil's little model workshop at home and carved and participated in the boathouse when Bertil started building boats. Engineer in telecommunications and is working at Ericsson. Reside in Karlskrona, but he spends much of his spare time in Björkenäs.