19 - Oabåt / Blekingseka YD 17

17 foot. Length 5175, width 1600 mm.
Build 1952 by Harald Grufstedt in Revhusen, Ystad, Skåne. Completely in oak.

4 sheets in scale 1:10.

  • 19 A Sail plan
  • 19 B Construction plan
  • 19 C Rib plan
  • 19 D Line plan

Plan no 19, September 1980.


The small province Blekinge in southeast Sweden actually has its own boat type. Specific for the type is the pentagonal transom that sits on the top of the stern. It has few but wide plankings and quite weak ribs. The entire boat hull should be built of oak. It is originally a rowing and sailing boat. Spritsail has been the most common sail, but for herring fishing far offshore, an asymmetrical square sail was used during the 19th century.

We do not know when it was created, probably in the 17th century, but in the 19th century it was almost alone as a boat type in Blekinge. It was built in different sizes between 11 foot to 45 foot, adapted for its various purposes. It was named after its use, such as garnbåt, vrakeka, sätteka, krokeka, frakteka, or just eka.

The coast's appearance has also affected the look of the boat. In western Blekinge with its open sea, the boat is more heavily built, in the east with its protective archipelago, it has more falling stem and slender materials. It has been used between the Kalmarsunds coast and the southern coast of Skåne.


The measuring is done from existing boats that are traditionally built. Some are still in use, some are stored in different museums and some are left as wrecks in different places. Some of these wrecks have more or less fallen to pieces, but are reconstructed at the plan. Several boats are gone and does not exist any more.

For most of the plans a complementary sheet with information about material and dimensions are enclosed. On the plan the boat is drawn in external profile and cross-section profile at CL. In plan, each half with interior and the other half without. All ribs are drawn.

The plans are printed on coated standard paper 90g, mostly in size A1, but can be bigger (e.g. vrakeka 28 feet) or smaller. The plans are sent rolled in a paper cylinder.

Length (foot) 17 foot
Length 5175 mm
Width 1600 mm
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