37 - Eka av smålandstyp

15 foot. Length 4670, width 1460 mm.
Build 1974 by Edgar Sundén in Kristianopel, Blekinge. Completely in oak.

4 sheets in scale 1:10.

  • 37 A Sail plan, spritsail
  • 37 B Construktion plan
  • 37 C Rib plan
  • 37 D Line plan

Plan no 37, November 1982.


The province Småland has a fairly long coastal strip, which is protected from the east by Öland, but in Kalmarsund the sea can be quite streamed depending on the wind's strength and direction. Here, the smålandseka has its place of residence. An open eka with keel and stems, but there is a transom that, with its different look, tells about where the eka belongs to on the coast. In the south, the boat is called eka, in the north, öka.

The boat type has similarities to the blekingseka and it is very possible that they are closely related, age and origin are not straighten out.

The smålandseka is built entirely in oak with quite few ribs, but it is not uncommon for some ribs to stretch all the way from railing to railing. The size varied depending on the use of the boat, from the small brädökan, lillökan, millaökan, storökan ...

A true old-fashioned eka from this area, can be studied on plan number 78, a 19 foot öka with only 4 plankings, the top one more than 40 cm wide oak.

This type of ekor/ökor, with a transom in different designs and looks, can be found along the northern Baltic Sea coast.


The measuring is done from existing boats that are traditionally built. Some are still in use, some are stored in different museums and some are left as wrecks in different places. Some of these wrecks have more or less fallen to pieces, but are reconstructed at the plan. Several boats are gone and does not exist any more.

For most of the plans a complementary sheet with information about material and dimensions are enclosed. On the plan the boat is drawn in external profile and cross-section profile at CL. In plan, each half with interior and the other half without. All ribs are drawn.

The plans are printed on coated standard paper 90g, mostly in size A1, but can be bigger (e.g. vrakeka 28 feet) or smaller. The plans are sent rolled in a paper cylinder.

Length (foot) 15 foot
Length 4670 mm
Width 1460 mm
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