106 measurements over 45 years

The year 2013 has begun. And there have been 106 measurements made ​​over a period of more than 45 years. A tremendous work really, every measurement is time consuming. But when we sit down and summarize the boats that have been measured, it is only 15 of them that are still in use, while 65 are gone and are no more. Others are preserved in museums or heritage centers. Therefore this work is important, all 106 boats can now be recreated if you have interest and knowledge to do so. One can say that these measurement plans becomes more valuable for every year that passes.

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13 - Blekingseka

13 - Blekingseka

15 foot. Length 4490, width 1490 mm. Build 1929 by Robert Persson Palmqvist in Risanäs, Blekinge. Completely in oak. 3 sheets in scale 1:10. 13 A Construction plan 13 B Rib plan 13 C Line plan Plan no 13, June 1980. ..

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