86 - Jaktkanot

13 foot. Length 4045, width 1200, depth 310, deep-going 275 mm.
Build 1936 by "Parkapojkarna" Fritz Henriksson, Hilding Svensson and Anders Svensson. Orderer John Persson, Stora Hammar, Torhamn. Present owner Peter Niklasson, Truseryd, Torhamn. Made by oak.

2 sheets in scale 1:10.

  • 86 A Sail plan
  • 86 B Construction plan

Plan no 86, June 1994.


This boat type is the youngest in Blekinge. Along the Blekinge coast, huge amounts of sea birds fly during spring and autumn, especially in the eastern part of the province, they have been hunted a lot. It requires a small, safe boat that does not get spotted easily at sea and the hunting canoe is one such.

They origin from Greenland's kayaks, but by detours a sailing kayak came in the naval officer Carl Smith's possession in the year 1870. He developed it in Karlskrona archipelago and built several of a ribbon frame covered with sailcloth. The archipelago population discovered them and built their own for the hunting.

Mårtensson's boat building at Hästholmen developed it and built the canoe in wood from the beginning of the 20th century. There were probably 800 - 900 ones built at the boat building. The archipelago population also built many by themselves. But the boat type belongs only in the eastern part of the province.


The measuring is done from existing boats that are traditionally built. Some are still in use, some are stored in different museums and some are left as wrecks in different places. Some of these wrecks have more or less fallen to pieces, but are reconstructed at the plan. Several boats are gone and does not exist any more.

For most of the plans a complementary sheet with information about material and dimensions are enclosed. On the plan the boat is drawn in external profile and cross-section profile at CL. In plan, each half with interior and the other half without. All ribs are drawn.

The plans are printed on coated standard paper 90g, mostly in size A1, but can be bigger (e.g. vrakeka 28 feet) or smaller. The plans are sent rolled in a paper cylinder.

Length (foot) 13 foot
Length 4045 mm
Width 1200 mm
Depth 310 mm
Deep-going 275 mm
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